Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs State Park, located in Florida, is a true gem for nature enthusiasts and camping enthusiasts alike. Spanning over 4,000 acres, this beautiful park offers lots of outdoor activities and breathtaking views that make it an ideal destination for a camping adventure. From crystal-clear springs to lush forests, Silver Springs State Park provides a […]

This sucks

Blacklegged Tick

On our recent trip to Silver Springs State Park, after hiking one of the many beautiful trails, we found several ticks on Dennis and the dogs.  This is the first time we experienced this and it was very alarming.  We immediately washed the dogs in tick and flea shampoo and made sure we could not […]

Elkmont and the Blinking Fire Flies

Photinus carolinus Firefly

Elkmont, located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is a beautiful and peaceful place surrounded by stunning natural beauty. One of the most fascinating sights that can be seen in Elkmont is the phenomenon of fireflies blinking in unison. This amazing display of nature’s beauty is a spectacle that attracts visitors from all over […]

Effects of Red Tide on Manatees


Manatees, also known as sea cows, are gentle giants that inhabit the shallow coastal waters of Florida and other parts of the world. Unfortunately, manatees are among the many marine species that are impacted by red tide, a harmful algal bloom that can be deadly to marine life. Red tide releases toxins that can affect […]

Our Main Reason to go Full Time RV’ing

Greg and I are planning to go full-time in our RV sometime later this summer, with September looking like a possible timeframe, pending a few arrangements we need to make beforehand. While we’ve discussed what we’re doing, we haven’t talked about why we’re doing this.  It all comes down to personal space. When we relocated […]

Red Tide

Red Tide

Florida has experienced several major outbreaks of Red Tide over the last few years.  These outbreaks have occurred all over Florida’s coastline, but especially all along the southern coast.  You can see the current status of any outbreak here.  Red tide is caused by the rapid growth and accumulation of certain species of algae, particularly […]

Our Old Non-Profit

About ten years ago, we started a non-profit organization called the Northwest Shark Preservation Society (NWSPS) in the Pacific Northwest. The main goal of this organization was to conduct research, aid in the conservation of the Seven Gill Shark, and push for fair and sustainable fishing regulations in the Pacific Northwest. The NWSPS worked closely […]

Our Journey So Far

Journey to Living in a RV Full-Time

They say every journey begins with a single step, and this is especially true when embarking on the journey of living in an RV full-time. Making such a decision is not an easy task, as it involves giving up a lifestyle that one has built, worked hard for, and achieved. However, once a decision has […]

Stephen C Foster State Park

Stephen C Foster State Park

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the stunning Stephen C Foster State Park, nestled in the heart of the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia. This remote 120-acre park, located in Fargo, GA, is approximately 19 miles away from any major road and offers guests a unique opportunity to disconnect from the modern world as […]

Our Geocaching Past Time

Geocaching Container

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure that has gained immense popularity among nature enthusiasts and families alike. This exciting activity involves using a GPS device to hunt for hidden treasures, which are often tucked away in waterproof containers filled with small trinkets or toys. The treasures are hidden by other geocachers and their locations are marked […]